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Our unique Website Operating System (WebOS) is a proprietary browser-based control panel application that allows end users to oversee and control every aspect of their website. All functions are clearly listed in an extremely easy-to-use interface with the ability to -

  • Administer your email accounts
  • Generate usage statistics
  • Promote your website
  • Manage your files on the server
  • Change passwords
  • Setup your own ad server
  • Add and remove FrontPage extensions
  • Enable ASP and ColdFusion
  • Send announcements about your site
  • Analyze your website's structure and integrity
  • Create and manage an effective single page website
  • Check your disk usage
  • Manage server logs
  • Secure sections of your website

Features At A Glance

  1. Ad Manager - Allows for management of banners on the website. Easy to use, No need to purchase software
  2. Announcer Managed mailing list - Can target specific target markets. Allows for easy communication with entire client base
  3. ASP/CF Enabler - Allows for use of Active Server Pages (ASP) or Cold Fusion (CF) scripts -Saves end user costs. Limits need to decide between UNIX Windows 2000
  4. Bandwidth Meter Meter - Shows bandwidth usage. Real time measure of website traffic
  5. Custom CGI's - Custom CGI scripts. Ability to upload any CGI's user chooses
  6. Change Password - Allows user to change password -No need to contact support dept. Changes done in real time. Saves end user time
  7. DB Manager - Allows user to create a MySQL DB -Allows for creation of dynamic pages. Requires no support. Management controlled by end user
  8. Disk Usage - Meter showing disk usage. Real time measure of disk usage.
  9. EasyMail - Easy management of email addresses. Easy to use interface. End user control all aspect of email. Real time creation
  10. EasySiteWizard - Quickly create a professional looking website without HTML knowledge. Create professional websites quickly and easily. HTML knowledge not required
  11. EasyStoreMaker - Allows user to create an on-line store in minutes. No merchant account required. All international currencies available. Add product images to store.
  12. Email Virus Scan - Anti-virus scanning for email powered by Symantec. Replaces threatening code and infected attachments with a text file. Uses Symantec's LiveUpdateT technology. Capable of detecting 80% of new and unknown file viruses.
  13. File Manager - Ability to manage all files for end user's website. Allows for editing of pages in real time. End user controls all aspects of file management.
  14. FrontPage - Allows for easy install of FrontPage extensions. No additional costs to users. Easy to use. Saves time.
  15. Help Files - Online help files. Ease of use. Solve 95% of issues. No need for support.
  16. Log Manager - Provides raw log files. Detailed stats of website activity. Ability to download and analyze using third party software.
  17. Megaftpserver - Uploading files before DNS propagation. Allows customer to upload files ahead of time using standard FTP client. Limits concern of down time.
  18. Plug-in Scripts - Most requested scripts available for FREE. Ability to implement scripts quickly and easily.
  19. Promote Site - Search engine submission form. Quick and easy submission of website.
  20. Site Checker - Identifies areas of improvement in the website. Identifies slow loading pages. Improves functionality of website. Identifies any broken links and images.
  21. Site Preview - Viewing a site before DNS propagation. Limits down time. Appearance of site is identical to what files are located in the File Manger
  22. SSL Manager - Allows for implementation of SSL certificates. Allows for install of generic and vanity certificates. Intervention of third party not needed. Saves time and money.
  23. Web Master Tools - Link to TUCOWS website. Easy access to necessary tools for site management.
  24. Web Security - Protection of site without SSL -Ability to protect areas of site through: password, IP, or hostname
  25. Web Stats - Tracks visitors coming to site. Measures success of site. Ability to identify demand in previously unidentified markets.
  26. WebMai l - Online email interface. Email can be accessed anywhere in the world. Contains all the necessary components of an email client.

*Note: Some features listed above only available with certain plans. Please refer to the packages matrix to view included features.